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September 13, 2013
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"You okay now?" Makoto asked after (Name) calmed down.

(Name) felt herself get red. She didn't mean to cry in Makoto's arms. In fact she didn't even expect herself to cry at all. "I-I'm sorry," she said, rather embarrassed. She pulled herself away from Makoto.

"Oh, it's fine," Makoto said. "It's okay to let out your feelings." He smiled.

(Name)'s heart skipped a beat. "Uh... Um... I think it's getting late, right? And your friends are waiting, right? So, maybe I should go..."

"You don't have to," Makoto said. 

"N-no," (Name) said, about to explode. She had to get away from Makoto. She was too embarrassed. "I'll leave. I forgot to feed my cat." She slipped by and rushed down the dirt stairs, not looking back, even though Makoto called her name over and over again.


"You didn't have to go home!" Kou complained on Monday after school.

"Sorry..." (Name) said, feeling shameful. 

"You should have stuck around," Kou pointed out. "And maybe you two would have walked home together, in the dark, and then you two would have kissed..." 

"K-Kou!" (Name) said, her face burning. "Don't say ridiculous things!"

"You know you wanted that..." Kou said, smirking.

"M-maybe..." (Name) replied, looking away.

"OH HEY, MAKOTO!" Kou said suddenly.

(Name) made a slight yelp and hid behind Kou. Then Kou started to laugh. "Wow, you actually fell for that, senpai?"

"Y-you tricked me..." (Name) said, suddenly embarrassed.

"You see that? You're trying to avoid Makoto again, aren't you?" 

(Name) nodded.

"Look, you shouldn't be embarrassed about saying you feelings. It's your feelings for him, and if he has a problem with that, he can deal with it! Right?"

"Y-yeah..." (Name) said.

"Good. Oh, hey Makoto," Kou said.

(Name) jumped. She turned around, and this time, Kou was for real: Makoto was walking towards them, his hands in his pockets. 

"Hey," Makoto said casually. "Mind if I borrow (Name)-chan real quick?"

"Nope, take her," Kou said, smiling.

"Wait--" (Name) said.

Makoto gently took (Name)'s hand. He started to walk, and (Name) followed. His large hand was warm, but not sweaty. She felt like she was being fried like bacon. (Name) realized that Makoto was leading them both to the art room. As the both entered, the room was empty. The sun was still high up in the sky, since it was still summer. Makoto turned to (Name), his hand still holding (Name)'s. 

"You're avoiding me again, (Name)-chan," Makoto said, almost sad.

(Name) gulped. He looked like a little puppy that was thrown into the street. "I-I haven't..."

"Why do you do that?" Makoto asked, taking both of (Name)'s hands. "Why do you not want to be with me?"

"I'm just really embarrassed, okay?" (Name) fired back, looking down at the floor. "Saying that I love you... In such a situation... I was really nervous!"

"So you were avoiding me, thinking I don't feel the same way towards you?"

(Name) blinked. She looked up to see Makoto rather serious looking, only his whole face was red. He looked like a toddler upset about not getting the right Christmas present. "You don't like me... Right?" (Name) managed to say, trying to handle his adorable features.

"I don't like you, I love you," Makoto said, his eyes glassy. "Why don't you understand?"

(Name) froze. "Wh-wha... No... You don't." 

"I do, (Name)-chan!" Makoto demanded, a tear trickling down his cheek. His green eyes were filled with tears. His grip on (Name)'s hands loosened.  

"H-hey..." (Name) managed to say out of shock. "Why are you crying...?" She moved her hand up to Makoto's and wiped his tear away. 

"C-C-'Cause," Makoto sobbed, "Y-you're so nice. But y-y-you think you're n-not."

(Name) smiled hopelessly. "Thanks. I didn't know I was such a good person."

Makoto smiled, tears still flowing. "N-now you do." He was slightly blushing still, his green eyes twinkling in the sunlight.

Without thinking, (Name)'s lips were on Makoto's. It was a sweet, gentle touch, like two innocent first graders. Makoto's lips were soft and angelic. As (Name) pulled away, she saw Makoto's bright red face. His green eyes were widened. 

"Uh... I... Um... I wasn't ready..." Makoto started to mumble in shock.

(Name) blushed at his adorable actions and interrupted his mumbles with another kiss. This time, Makoto seemed to be ready. He kissed back, trying his best to be gentle. He pulled (Name) closer, and he wrapped in his arms as the kiss became more rough. Makoto moaned slightly as (Name) slipped her tongue in his mouth. He continued to whimper as the kiss became rather passionate, while (Name)'s arms dangled around Makoto's neck. 

(Name) pulled apart for air. She panted and saw how lustful Makoto's eyes seemed. 

"One more time," Makoto begged, his green eyes shining with pleasure.

(Name) blushed. "Alright. Only one more time, though."

However, the two continued about five more times.

And the swim club waited and waited... But Makoto did not come to practice that day. 
Crappy writing, hell yeah. :highfive:

I think this is the last chapter...
I have no idea.
I might make an epilogue ;w;
Thank you for reading, y'all!

Part 1…
Part 2…
Part 3…
Part 4…
Part 5…
Part 6 Here! ^^
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