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September 1, 2013
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"(Last-Name)-san!" (Name) heard across the noisy hall.

(Name) turned to see a rather shorter girl running towards her. She had burgundy colored hair tied up in a pony tail. She looked like a first year. "Sorry, I know you're busy going home and all, but do you mind teaching someone how to swim today?"

(Name) froze. "And why would you want me to teach, exactly?" she asked, forcing a smile.

"Well, I was looking through some old school files last night (please don't ask how I got them) and I saw that you broke the prefecture record for swimming 100 Free your freshman year. I was rather impressed, not knowing there was a legend at our school. So, please teach a fellow classmate! I beg you!" She clasped her palms together and slouched, closing her eyes wishfully.

(Name) didn't know what to say. She didn't want to refuse, since she wanted to give a classmate an opportunity to swim. "Sure," she answered. "But where are we going to teach this person how to swim?"

"I was thinking the school pool, I just hope the club members would allow such a sudden notice," the girl replied.

The school pool. "Alright," (Name) said, still not okay with the idea. "Let's see how bad this person is."


On their way to the swimming pool, (Name) found out a few things. First, she found out that the girl that had requested a swimming lesson for a classmate was Gou Matsuoka (or Kou... (Name) called her Kou to avoid being yelled at), a freshman at Iwatobi High. Second, the person (Name) was going to teach swimming to was a swim club member. 

When Kou and (Name) arrived at the swimming pool, (Name) knew she should quickly think of a back-up story to get out of the place: Makoto and the other swim club members were there, already half-naked and in their swim gear. (Name) prayed that she didn't have to swim in front of Makoto, hoping he wouldn't find out "Nadare" was actually (Name).

"Oh?" One of the members asked. He had wavy blonde hair and pink-ish eyes, and very fair skin. (Name) hoped he wore sunscreen to protect that smooth beauty. (Name) remembered his name was Nagisa from elementary school and how he used to hang out with Haruka and Makoto a lot. "Gou-chan, who is this?"

"This is (Last Name)-san, and she's here to help Rei swim!" Kou said rather proudly.

"Wait," Makoto spoke up. "(Last Name)-san, you can swim?"

(Name) wanted to say, "So you think I can't?" but that would just be plain evidence of why she didn't have friends. "Yes, yes I can," she replied.

"Are you sure you can teach me how to swim?" another member asked. He had dark-violet-ish hair, his eyes the same color. He had glasses on, and he was rather handsome, just like the rest of the swim club members. (Name) guessed that was Rei. "Even Haruka-senpai couldn't teach me the basics (even though he taught me butterfly)..."

"You can swim butterfly?" (Name) asked. She was surprised. In her opinion, butterfly was the hardest stroke to master, having the fact that you had to move your whole body to do this stroke. 

"I suppose..." Rei said, like it was no big deal.

"You're going to swim again?" Haruka asked. (Name) knew Haruka rather well, having the fact that they were in the same class since preschool. But she slightly forgot that Haruka knew (Name) used to do competitive swimming ever since middle school. Makoto probably didn't notice that (Name) was competitively swimming since he barely pays attention to anything but being nice to people and his friends' needs.

"Wait, Haruka, you knew she could swim?" Makoto asked, suddenly confused.

"Sure," Haruka replied in his regular careless voice.

"Okaay," Kou interrupted the conversation. "Getting back to Rei's problem."

"Problem..." Rei repeated, rather offended. "Anyway, she's right. I hope you can teach me, (Last Name)-senpai!"

"You can just call me (Name). Well, how do you want me to teach you?" (Name) asked bluntly. She honestly wanted to get this over with, since she didn't want to hear her heart beating so hard being near a shirtless Makoto.

"I was thinking maybe you can swim and see how you swim."

Maybe you can swim. (Name) froze. This was something she didn't want. This is what she feared. She still hadn't thought of a master plan to get away from the place. I don't want Makoto finding out I'm "Nadare".


When (Name) changed into a swim suit (Kou had one "just in case"), she made sure her hair was up. When she got out from the locker room, Kou's face brightened. "Wow, (Name)-senpai!" she said, fascinated. "Your deltoid muscles are very defined for not swimming for a whole year!"

"Is it?" (Name) said, not sure if she should take that statement as a compliment.

(Name) felt uncomfortably embarrassed, having the fact that she was wearing a skin tight suit in front of four very handsome boys, but she felt more embarrassed thinking the fact that one of them was Makoto. She put a swimming cap on and her goggles on her head, her hands shaking. 

(Name) got on the diving board and looked over to the bench where everybody was watching from. "You ready to watch, Rei?" she called.

"Yes, Senpai!" Rei called back.

(Name) nervously bent down on the diving board. Her legs were shaking, which made her feel like a freshman all over again. Her toes on her right leg gripped on the edge of the diving board. Her left leg bent behind her, her foot ready to pounce into the water. Then, she leaped. First things first: stream line. She dolphin kicked her way to the surface until Splash. She felt the rush of air on her arms and immediately started to stroke. She did two strokes before breathing and made it a pattern. She was beginning to reach the other end of the pool. About two meters prior, she quickly did a somersault in the water and successfully did a flip turn. She kicked off the wall and stream lined once again. When she looked out of the water to breathe, she saw Makoto. Since everything was a blur, she didn't pay attention to his facial expressions. But she knew he had figured it out. Somehow.

(Name) slapped the wall. She was done. She splashed out of the water and hoisted herself up. 

"Impressive, (Name)-senpai!" Kou said.

"That was beautiful!" Rei said, his eyes glittering.

"You're like an otter, (Name)-chan!" Nagisa said joyfully.

(Name) hesitated. "Th-thank you." She wasn't used to getting compliments about anything. She took her goggles off and rubbed her eyes and looked up. She saw Makoto, his eyes wide, like he just realized that his favorite female actress was a slut. Not a very pleasant look.

"You're..." Makoto stuttered. "You're her."

Everyone turned to Makoto, wondering what was so surprising. (Name) knew. And she was shameful. She looked down and walked back to the locker room, never wanting to see Makoto's face again.

AAaaaannndddddd It's up! Chapter 3!

I really REALLY don't want to rush this fan fic. But it sounds like I am. AND I DON'T WANT TOoooooo
Sorry, writer problems. Or maybe it's just me? lol. ^^;

Part 1…
Part 2…
Part 3 Here! ^^
Part 4…
Part 5…
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