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August 6, 2013
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Finally. Today is the day.

(Name) stared out the window playing with her ponytail as the teacher blabbered on about how 4 would be x if 2x + x = 12. She couldn't care less. Today, finally, for the first time since the pool was cleaned and filled, it was raining. Honestly, (Name) didn't find rain so great. However, she loved rain that day. 

Rain means no swim practice. No swim practice means an empty pool. Just thinking about it, (Name) felt excited. She loved swimming, even though she wasn't an expert at it. For some reason, swimming was the only exercise that she was fond of. 

"Hey!" a whisper interrupted (Name) thoughts. She turned next to see her classmate, Makoto Tachibana, smiling pleadingly. She didn't like the sight of him. He was too adorable, and made her nervous. But she didn't necessarily like him. Instead, she wanted to feel more invisible around him. Perhaps it was because he was the only one that noticed her existence. 

"What is it?" (Name) asked, annoyed. This was probably the third time that period in which he interrupted her daydreams. 

"Sorry, but I can't catch up to the teacher. Can I borrow your notes?"

"Sure," (Name) said, handing him unfinished notes. She didn't mind, since all the information was in her mind anyway. Having a photographic memory was sometimes an advantage. However, it can be a disadvantage.

A HUGE disadvantage...

(Name) put that thought aside. She didn't want to have those memories to come to her mind again. The whole thought of it disappeared when the bell rang.

"Stand," the teacher said. "Bow."

Students rushed out, talking excitedly over the loud crowd of people. "Where to now?" "Let's go to the Game Center, yeah?" "I wanna go to the Karaoke..." "I gotta study!"

So lucky... (Name) thought. She sometimes wished she had friends. It wasn't necessarily because she was a mean person, but because she was extremely socially awkward. She only talked to people when she was talked to. She had never had a crush, and if she did... Oh God forbid. She would be a nervous wreck talking to him. 

The only friend she did have was a pencil and a paper. Not only did she love drawing but she loved writing as well. She was somewhat famous on a fan-fiction site, and she had improved so much in drawing over the past few years. 

(Name) took her time as she walked downstairs to the ground level. She didn't want anybody seeing her "trespassing". When all the students seemed to have gone (especially the noisy swim club), she jumped over the fence. She stripped down her clothes (she was wearing her bathing suit under all of her clothes) and put on a cap and goggles. It was freezing in the rain, but she managed. 

(Name) got on the diving board. Her legs were shaking. She hadn't dove off a diving board in ages. She bent down, her right leg straight and her left leg bent. She remembered to keep her eyes to her knees before diving, or else she'll end up belly-flopping. She took a deep breathe and pulled on the diving board and pushed herself out. She splashed in the water, successfully diving without belly-flopping. She swam freestyle, since that was the easiest stroke in her opinion.

About thirty minutes later, (Name) decided to get out. She climbed up the edge of the pool. She took her goggles and cap off, leaving her hair down. She never had it down, but since it was cold, she thought it would help. She walked over to her towel and covered herself.

As (Name) turned to the locker room to change, she saw a figure. It was Makoto. He was bluntly staring at her, giving her the "Who are you? What are you doing here? Are you new?" face.

For some reason, (Name) felt embarrassed. Was it because she was in a swimsuit in front of a boy? No, that wasn't it. Embarrassed and panicking, (Name) ran for the open gate. "I'm sorry!" she said.

"H-Hey! Wait up!" Makoto called out to her. 

No way in hell, (Name) thought as she ran home barefooted in a swimsuit in the rain. 


"Achoo!" (Name) sneezed as she walked to school. It wasn't raining anymore, so she felt upset. She couldn't swim today. A part of her told her that she should maybe ask the swim club if she can swim in the pool. However, that won't work. They would forget about that arrangement in about an hour.

Instead of worrying about her cold, (Name) had other things to worry about. Makoto would probably ask her why she was swimming in the pool, and why she couldn't ask him about permission to use it. Just thinking about talking to the overly nice idiot was giving (Name) goosebumps. The worst part was that Makoto and (Name) walked the same way to school everyday. Not that that was a problem, since Makoto was always talking to Haruka, his best friend.

On the concrete stairs to the right, (Name) heard it: Makoto's voice, sounding excited. She decided not to make eye contact. She continued walking, but still walked slow to be close enough to hear what Makoto was talking about with Haruka.

"...then when I opened the gate, I saw someone swimming. At first I thought it was you, Haruka. Then I waited a few minutes until I found out it was someone else. The person got out of the pool and it was a girl."

It took (Name) a while to realize that Makoto didn't know it was (Name) swimming in the pool yesterday afternoon. 

What an idiot... was all she could think of. However, she felt her face get warm. He had called her pretty. She never really thought of herself as pretty, but average. 

"And what does this have to do with me?" (Name) heard Haruka say.

"Well, I thought maybe you would know her," Makoto said. "She had (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes, and she was about (height)cm tall."

"I don't know anyone that fits that description," Haruka said. "And I don't care."

"Aww," Makoto said. "C'mon, Haru-chan. She was super pretty. I want to know her more."

"Maybe Nagisa will know who your girlfriend is," Haruka said, sounding like he really didn't care.

Makoto laughed. "Now now, Haru-chan, she's not my girlfriend..."

"Yet," Haruka added.

(Name) couldn't believe them. They were literally talking about her behind her back without noticing they were even talking about her. She sighed, never knowing she would regret swimming in the rain.


"Hey, (Last Name)-san," (Name) heard a familiar voice call out to her. She turned to see Makoto jogging over to her. 

"What is it, Tachibana-san?" (Name) asked. She decided to speak formally since they weren't necessarily friends, just classmates.

"Your notes from yesterday. I wanted to give it back," Makoto said, handing her the notes.

"Thanks," (Name) said, taking the notes. She turned to walk away when Makoto caught her hand. Never in her life has a boy held her hand. She felt herself get red.

She turned around, trying to hide her emotions. "What is it now?"

"Um... I was wondering if you know a girl that's about (height)cm tall, (h/c) hair, and (e/c) eyes that loves to swim?" Makoto asked, his eyes full of hope.

(Name) suddenly felt frustrated. Of course she knew one, it's the girl that's standing in front of you, moron! All the frustration seemed to control her words. "Yes," she said. "I know one."

Makoto's eyes lit up. "Really? Does she go to this school?"

In her mind, (Name) smirked. Maybe I should play around with him... "No," she said, as-a-matter-of-fact-ly. "Why?"

Makoto blushed. Surprisingly, he looked insanely adorable. "Well, I was hoping you would introduce me to her."

(Name) felt a whole plan coming to light. Mess with this idiot's head! "Sure," she said in the nicest way possible. She got out a piece of paper and wrote her number on it. "Here," she said, handing it to a very happy Makoto. "Her name is Nadare, and she's single. Good luck!" (Name) waved before she walked off.

It took a while for (Name) to realize what she just did. Hold up. She just gave a really attractive guy her own phone number, saying it was someone else's. She just lied to a kind person searching for love. Strangely, (Name) felt guilty. 

(Name) took a different way home so she wouldn't run into Makoto. "I'm home," (Name) called. Her tabby cat Billy trotted his way over to her. "Mom's not home yet, huh?" She got some cat food and poured it into Billy's bowl. 

(Name) walked to her room and slumped on her bed, wondering what she was feeling. Her chest felt tight, and she couldn't stop thinking about Makoto. She couldn't stop thinking about how she did a terrible thing to him. She couldn't even imagine how disappointed he will look when she would tell him the truth. How he had just fallen for a social awkward smart girl that likes to play sick tricks on people. 

"Oh man," (Name) said, squeezing a pillow. "I'm such an idiot."
Yeah... Since my two other fanfics are near to an end, I decided to start a new one.
I also can't think of ideas for the other two. They just end up all bleh. *tableflip*

Anyways, I decided to do a Makoto x Reader since Makoto is such a babe.
The reader is like really based off of me... *shoots head*

Sorry for the wait on the other two fanfics, guys. Hope you'll wait patiently ;w; *dies*

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