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July 25, 2013
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Sanji had plenty of explaining to do. Just about ten minutes ago, the streets were crowded because of the execution. Now, nobody was there, only unconscious soldiers. 

"Where's the rest of the crew?" (Name) asked, noticing they were all gone.

"They're all up at the castle," Sanji replied. "I'll explain on the way. You kinda missed out on all the fun."

On the way to the castle, Sanji explained Nami's plan to (Name). Zoro had disguised himself as the executioner (Sanji did the honors of kicking the real executioner's ass) and the rest of the Crew dressed in the soldiers' outfit (except for Nami, since her boobs were too big to fit). On the moment in which (Name) was supposed to be executed, the Crew started to attack the other real soldiers who were standing guard. Nami came in from the crowd and started to help. The crowd eventually ran away with fright. After unchaining (Name), Sanji had decided to stay behind with (Name) until she woke up. The rest of the crew followed a very angry Luffy up to the castle.

"I bet Luffy is already done kicking the Queen's ass, but let's see if they need help anyway," Sanji said as they got to the gates of the castle. 

(Name) nodded. Together, they ran in.


For Sanji, killing off the soldiers was a piece of cake. They got to the throne room, which didn't look so much like a throne room anymore. The walls were blasted off, leaving Sanji and (Name) seeing the whole island from about 30 stories high. Luffy was standing over a fallen lady. Her long, thin hair was white, and she looked rather old. She had a fox-like face, skinny and sharp. 

"Is that... Lucilia?" (Name) said, surprised.

"Lucilia as in the Queen?" Sanji said. He had expected the Queen to be some young beautiful lady. 

Luffy turned and noticed (Name) and Sanji. "Hey, guys!" he called as he ran up to them. "I just got done beating this lady. She's a bitch, no offense."

(Name) shrugged. "Offense not taken. Why does she look so... old?"

"Oh... well, it's weird, see. When I encountered her, she was real young and stuff, but after she started using her hair... She got old."

"Hair? What do you mean?" Sanji asked.

"Her hair grew and she used it as ropes, I guess you can say," Luffy said, shrugging. "It was weird."

(Name) blinked. "So that's why I couldn't attack her..." she mumbled.

Sanji gave her a confused look.

"I tried to attack her but something pulled me back. It must have been her hair," (Name) said as if she just realized it.

"So... What do we do with her?" Sanji said. "Is she dead?"

"Well, first, the rest of the Crew got pretty beat up by some reinforcements," Luffy said, serioiusly. "I think they got locked up."

"Guess we should go there first," (Name) said. "The Almighty Bitch can wait."


After they got the rest of the Crew, (after telling the guards the Queen had died, they actually jumped for joy), they all went to the throne room. They crowded around the unconscious body. 

"So, what do we do with her?" Ussop asked. "We can't just kill her. That'll be a little too harsh, don't you think?"

"We should," (Name) blurted out. She felt a lump in her throat. All the starving people on the Disabled side needed vengeance. She's been there, and she knew. The pain and suffering on that side of the island was way too bad. "We should just kill her already!" (Name) couldn't hold it and started to bawl. She didn't understand why she was crying. Maybe because all the sadness she felt after Nate's death was coming back. 

Suddenly, (Name) felt a hand on her back. She looked up with hard sobs and saw Sanji.

"Stop crying, idiot," Sanji said. "And we shouldn't kill her. If we kill her, the line of hatred will continue forever. We should let her live and teach her a lesson instead, eh?"

"As much as I hate her," Luffy said, "Sanji's right. We can't just cause her or any of her friends to suffer. Even though she's caused millions to suffer already."

"What did she do to make you hate her so much Luffy?" Nami asked. 

Luffy frowned. "She's mean. The only reason why she moved all the people with disorders to a different part of the island was because she takes power from the townspeople. And if disabled people are in the city, she said that 'She couldn't get enough power'. That really ticked me off. Not only because she kicked people out of the city but also because she stole power from the townspeople."

"How does she do that, though?" Zoro asked. 

Luffy shrugged. "I don't know. And I don't care."

"So what do we do?" Chopper said.

"We should wait," Luffy said. "I'll teach her something."


After Queen Lucilia opened her eyes, Luffy gave her a dramatic speech about how what she was doing was wrong. It was very touching, even Zoro looked like he was going to cry. Queen Lucilia seemed to have a change of heart. She dropped to her wobbly knees and bawled at (Name)'s feet, saying that she was sorry. 

(Name) felt extremely disgusted. However, Sanji gave her a nod, and (Name) forgave the Queen. 

The Queen got up and ordered all the disabled people from the other side of the island to live freely. "A change in law" she called it. She seemed like a happy old lady now. Although (Name) was happy about the whole "happy ending", she was still unable to forget Nate. 

The Crew was outside the castle now, being celebrated as heroes. The non-disabled people had missed some relatives that were forced to the disabled side. (Name) slipped out of the crowd and looked for the graveyard. Hopefully Nate was given a proper burial.

After searching for a while, (Name) found Nate's tombstone. It seemed newer than the rest of the tombstones around it. The flowers laid dead in front of the tomb.

"Well," (Name) said, "A lot has happened. My friends and I fixed the whole Disabled Side problem thing. Everyone's happy, even the Queen."


"What am I gonna do now? I wonder how I can repay the Straw Hat Crew for helping me..."


"You know," (Name) said, a lump forming in her throat, "If you don't answer, I'm gonna get mad." She chuckled to herself as a tear fell on the grass.

Suddenly, (Name) felt something on her head. It felt like a hat. She turned to see Sanji, smiling with one hand in his pocket. The rest of the Crew was behind him, about ten meters away. Then, (Name) realized Nate was answering. He was telling her that she can repay the Crew by being with them, being friends with them. He was telling her to not let them be alone. 

Without thinking, (Name) hugged Sanji. She was so happy, tears started to flow. Thank you, Nate. Thank you, Sanji. Thank you, everyone.

"Thank you..." (Name) cried. "Thank you so much!" 

I'M. BACK. FROM. THE. FRICKEN. DEAD. :iconthrillerdanceplz:

Soo anyway...
The main two reasons were family problems and I had no idea how to end this chapter.
But here it is!

I think the next one is going to be the last, so be prepared!
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